About the Artist

Marzena Lizurej

Artist Statement

Painting is not a masterpiece closed in itself. It is an exploration beyond the frames. It is an observation and a journey into the inner self, a combination of experiences and emotions. It is also a specific dialog between the painter and the viewer. A painting should capture the viewer’s whole (undivided, complete) attention.  It should cause him to stop for an instant, evoking deep thought and bringing forth powerful emotions. It is within these emotions that unfold a discussion and no one can consider this masterpiece unnoticed.

My first inspiration was a brilliant artist named Vincent Van Gogh. Just like him, I was fascinated with color, contrast and abilities that brush strokes could offer. In my paintings I often show Van Gogh’s motivation but I also look to express my own emotions. I seek an inspiration in a reality that surrounds me. In my work, every detail, shade and shape counts. It is like a journey in midst of all my senses, deep inside in myself. These are acquired experiences, feelings and observations. It is a skill to open ones mind, to the world’s wonders because anything could become an inspiration.

I think everyone has their sensitivity lost in their every day life chores. An artist’s goal is to bring that sensitivity out from his viewers, show them how to open their minds and force them to reflect. Masterpiece is meant to provoke and touch a viewer so he can feel extraordinary.

Beauty lies in every detail.  We only have to look at the world surrounding us and try not to get lost in the complications of reality.

I choose to walk my own path of life, a road that’s never ending. My paintings are also an honest conversation, a kind of challenge, a journey, where color never ends and light crosses with shadow, where a brush stroke is not limited by a shape and texture but gives unlimited possibilities.


Art Teacher, Art Classes, All Ages

I am now teaching autistic kids how to paint at the Define Beautiful Art Studio in Forest Hills, NY. https://definebeautifulart.com