Karen Hardee, Rance Cleaveland and family

We have Marzena's painting in our dining room in Arlington, VA and love it.  We remember when she painted the picture for us when we were living on Long Island - that was over a decade ago, believe it or not. Marzena's painting will always have a place of honor in our house.


Barbara Kandora –Walker
Registered Massage Therapist

I really love this picture it's so lively, full of colours and dynamic: it fills me up with energy every time I look at it.



Laurence Martinaud
Holistic Health Counselor, Reiki Practitioner

Marzena's art is an expression of pure joy. Her work offers a combination of color and energy that stimulates the mind and the soul. Spending time with one of her paintings can be equally healing and soothing as meditation.



Ana Nieto
Turtle Shell Health

It was a true pleasure to have Marzena's art work at our space.  It enlightened our monocrome space with her wonderful work and beautiful pastel colors.  I always try to imagine what's inside the artists head to create those abstract pieces, and to combine the colors the way they do.

An artist's imagination can be very insinuating to people or totally deceiving.  But I always wonder if what they are trying to express is what at the end we all experience and is it ok with them if our interpretation differs from their reality?

Working with Marzena was a total pleasure from the moment we decided to do the exhibit to the day of the event when a lot of her long time followers came to see her latest pieces and to expend some good time with her and some of her mentors. I will work with Marzena again with no doubt. She is not only talented but also willing to work together and offer many pieces of inspiration and ideas.